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Green Living

Green Living: How To Live A More Sustainable, Earth Friendly Lifestyle

Green living, the environment, being earth friendly, using solar and wind power – these are all very hot topics in today’s society. And thanks to recent government efforts, everyone is trying to learn how to make their own homes and lives more sustainable and earth friendly.

If you’re new to the concept of living green… whether you want to learn how to start doing your part for the environment or you just want to learn how to reduce your bills and keep more money in your wallet from month to month, this kindle book is just for you.

It’s written for beginners, so you don’t have to worry about technical concepts and language that goes too far over your head. Instead you can get a general overview of the basics, and learn about a number of environmentally friendly tactics which can be put to work in your own home from day one.

Table of Contents:

Alternative Power & Energy
Solar Power Basics
Solar Panels
Wind Turbines & Windmills
Natural Passive Solar Techniques
Solar hot water
Passive Solar Collectors
Solar Hot Water Tanks
Solar cooking
Greening Inside Your Home
The Basics: Plugs and Lights
Reduce and Recycle
Using gray water
Non Toxic, Natural cleaning
Composting Toilets
Greening Outside Your Home Yard and Garden Design
Rainwater & Gray Water

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