Disaster Preparedness Basics

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Disaster Preparedness Basics: How to Prepare for Natural Disasters and Emergencies

Disaster Preparedness Basics

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Natural Disasters Happen… Are You Prepared?

Yes natural disasters happen… sometimes it seems like something happens every single day somewhere in the world. Some events are so severe that people are still recovering from them years later. Some last just a few days or weeks, then life goes back to what most of us consider normal.

Have you ever considered how you might take care of yourself or your loved ones if a disaster strikes in your area? Do you know whether you would have food to eat or even clean water to drink when it’s desparately needed?

That’s what this book is about. It’s not a survival guide or a hardcore prepper manual. Instead it’s designed to be an emergency preparedness guide for beginners. It explains common natural disasters, how to protect yourself and your loved ones when disaster strikes, and how to ensure you have adequate supplies until life gets back to normal. Some of what you’ll learn in this handbook includes:

This preparedness guide is approximately 100 pages long and includes photos, maps and glossary.

Formerly titled Mother Nature is Pissed!

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Basic Preparedness Items You Might Need:

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