Vegetable Gardening 101

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Vegetable Gardening 101Vegetable Gardening 101
Imagine stepping out your kitchen door earlier on a summer morning. The sun is brilliant, the air is moist and fresh, and the heat hasn’t yet begun to build. You wander through your own special place… the garden. And what do your wondrous eyes behold? A fat, juicy, red tomato! Green beans, fruit that looks ready to burst and more.

For some of us, there is just nothing greater than growing food right outside the door.

Each year, thousands of people try their hand at growing food for the first time. Food that you grow at home is the freshest you can get. There is no time delay between picking it and eating it. The food is more nutritious because you harvest it right at the perfect time.

Growing your own food means that you can make sure there are no chemicals and harmful toxins making their way onto your plate, or the plates of your children.

Growing vegetables can be fun and rewarding, but it can be challenging too. When you’re not sure what you’re doing you may find that you have an 80 percent or higher failure rate the first time.

Practice and learning are part of the fun for adults and children alike. And the old saying rings very true here: Practice makes perfect.

This book is designed to help give you a beginner’s edge. If you’ve never grown vegetables before, you will welcome the wealth of information available here. Unlike many gardening books, this one focuses on explaining the basics. We keep everything as simple as we can so that you’re not feeling overwhelmed before you even put a seed in the ground.

I believe whole heartedly in experimenting and having fun with gardening. Some may argue that successful gardening is a science, but I firmly believe that you should be able to have fun and have success without having to first get a botany degree.

Table of Contents
On Climates
On Perspective
Before You Grow…
Choose the Best Location
Play in the Dirt
Growing veggies
Pick Your Favorites
Plan Your Space
Seeds or Seedlings
How to Plant Starter Seedlings
How to Plant Seeds
Gardening Challenges & Solutions
Diseases & Pests
Strategic Planting
Water Management
Gray Water
Pros & Cons of…
10 Popular veggies

ISBN: 978-0-9854756-3-5

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