Digital Photography Basics…

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Digital Photography Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Great Digital Photos

Digital Photography Basics: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Great Digital Photos

This is a brief, easy to read guide designed for beginners. We go light on the technical details and heavy on the photos and examples, so you can get started taking better pictures right away!

Here’s what you’ll find inside…

– What’s the difference between a point and shoot or DSLR camera?
– How to make parts of your photo blurred while keeping other areas sharp
– What is shutter speed, ISO and aperture and what’s the secret sauce to making them all work together?
– How to make the exact same photo look different by manipulating the white balance settings on your camera
– How to make your camera take photos YOU want instead of what it wants
– How to take pictures indoors
– Why the flash doesn’t always light up what you’re trying to take a picture of
– Taking better pictures with composition and the rule of thirds
– Advanced techniques of framing, tilts and angles
– What is camera shake and how it ruins your pictures
– Popular types of photography and tips on making the most of them, including sports photography, food photography, people photos and night time shooting.
– And MUCH More!

This book has beautiful example illustrations and photos that really pop on color-enabled Kindle readers, plus it has been updated with a fully linked Table of Contents and professional formatting. It’s on sale for a limited time so be sure to buy your copy today!

First Edition ISBN 978-0-9854756-0-4 (Amazon)

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