Digital Photography for the Rest of Us

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How to Capture Digital Family Treasures That Will Last a Lifetime

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Having a fancy expensive camera is fantastic, but it can still give you mediocre photos. And having a camera with lots of buttons doesn’t mean creating great shots has to be technical or difficult either.

This book is for everyone who loves to take photos, but doesn’t necessarily want to get a full-fledged college degree just to make them look great. It is specifically geared towards family photographers: those of you who always get recruited to take the pictures because you “have a great camera.”

With what you learn here, you’ll quickly and easily be able to:

The first section covers digital photography basics and is ideal for beginners. Here you’ll learn why your photos sometimes turn out orange or gray, and how to stop taking pictures of the back of people’s heads when you use the flash.

The higher learning section takes you deeper into expert territory so that serious hobbyists and enthusiasts can introduce a whole new level of quality into their photos. You’ll learn how to focus on exactly what you want; how to make beautiful blurred backgrounds; and how to creatively use color and light to make your photos pop.

In between we cover 19 common mistakes that all beginner photographers make. Then we wrap it up with A bonus section on several ways you can earn money with digital photography.

This 175 page book is jam packed with beautiful full color photos: The good, the bad and the ugly. The extensive photo examples will be enjoyed best on the Kindle Fire, Cloud reader, Kindle for PC, and other Kindle color readers.

ISBN 978-0-9854756-4-2

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Cameras don’t make photos, photographers do. Despite this, I continually come across photography books that focus more on the equipment than the actual photography. With the rise in popularity of digital photography, many books take this further by concentrating on computer software.

I love creating photos – not fixing them later on the computer. If I wanted to constantly play with graphic software on the computer I’d probably be a graphic artist instead of a photographer.

I also love a great camera. And whether I like it or not, the type of camera you use to take photos with will influence the end result you get from your photos. I take great pictures most of the time but I can barely stand to look at photos I’ve taken with my cell phone. It’s just not a great tool to use for the job.

I also have nothing against using computer software. I just feel that it should be used sparingly for photos. I will do very basic touch up and modifications on a picture when it’s needed — but the less that is needed, the happier I am.

You won’t find much help for software manipulation of photos in this book. You also won’t find endless pages of gadget discussions, or comparisons of different cameras.

You will find the essentials in this book. Just about all digital cameras have specific buttons, knobs and functions that are important to know about when you’re trying to get a great photo. There is also optional camera gear that you may find useful, and there is computer-specific knowledge that can be quite helpful when working with digital photography.

This book is primarily about creating better pictures because you have knowledge and skill… not high tech hardware and software.

While most of the information contained in this book applies regardless of the make and model of camera you use, it is written from the perspective of using DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras. These are the larger body cameras that allow you to change the lens.

The sections on specific techniques and common mistakes are helpful regardless of the type of camera you’re using.  The sections that cover specific buttons and functions may not apply to cell phone cameras or pocket cameras known as “point and shoot.”

Tip: If you’re reading the Kindle edition of this book on a small device such as an Android phone, tap and hold any photo for a moment. When the pop up menu appears, tap “Zoom” so that you can see the photos at larger sizes, with more detail.

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