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2014 Update

Electronic Perceptions is an online marketing and publishing company established in 2001. Our product and brand mix includes:

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Business Products & Services:

Consumer Products

Electronic Perceptions is owned and operated by Kathy Burns-Millyard. Since 1997, Kathy’s product mix has primarily focused on providing business marketing and content services, including:

As of 2014, we have retired most of these services so that we may focus solely on providing digital and tangible products that fulfill specific marketplace needs.

Much of the content you’ll find on this website is samples and archives of previous work.


About Electronic Perceptions

Electronic Perceptions, formerly SasEz!™ Publications, was started as a Website Development company in January of 1997. Skilled in managing public relations, and creating successful sales and marketing campaigns for our clients, we evolved into providing those services exclusively until early 2004. Due to this evolution, the company was rebranded in early 2001 and Electronic Perceptions was born.

The company is solely owned and operated by Kathy Burns-Millyard from her home office in Arizona, USA. As of April 2014, Kathy no longer takes freelance marketing, advertising, or consulting assignments.

About Kathy

I’ve been a professional published business, marketing, and magazine writer since about 1996. I’ve provided a wide variety of services over the years including Internet marketing; business growth consulting; business startup planning and execution; customer relations management; copywriting; and Affiliate program management.

Some of my articles have been published in well known magazines such as DEMC, Wireless Week, Computer User, Entrepreneur, and Palm Power Enterprise. You’ll find links to these articles, and a variety of impressive copywriting samples, throughout this Website.

I’m a mother of four grown children, two of which are in the military. I currently live near Tucson Arizona with my dog and my “unofficial” husband of ten years.

About My Photography

I’ve been an avid photographer most of my life, and in early 2006 I decided it was time to start following that dream from a business perspective.

Though I love to shoot a wide variety of subjects, my current specialties are Food photos for magazines or stock, product shots, and evergreen topics. You’ll find hundreds of excellent examples of these specialties along with various other types of photos by browsing the stock photo area of this site.

Many of the stock photos featured on this website are available for licensing through several Royalty Free stock photo services online. You’ll find links to each of those at the top of every page. I welcome licensing inquiries as well. If you’re unable to find a specific photo available as Royalty Free Stock, it may well be available for specific licensed usage. Please feel free to contact me about specific photos.

Terms of Use/Copyrights

All photos and content on this website are copyright ©Kathy Burns-Millyard. All rights are reserved. You may not copy, republish, or otherwise reproduce any content here without express written permission.

You are welcome to link to any specific page of this site, but you may not link directly to any of the images unless expressly noted on the image page.

Contact Info

There are several ways to contact me. If you’d simply like to leave comments or opinions about one or more of my photos, you may do so using the contact link at the top of each page.

If you need to email me, you can do so by sending to contact at electronic perceptions dot com

If you need to send postal mail, here is the mailing address:
Electronic Perceptions
PO Box 11495
Tucson, AZ 85734

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